Who’s the better commentator: Johnny Miller or Nick Faldo?

mulligan, 14 May 2007, 1 comment
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On Friday, The Golf Channel invited Johnny Miller into the booth with Nick Faldo and Kelly Tilghman. As soon as Johnny sat down, the fireworks started and the two men started playfully needling each other with insults. TGC has a few of them, but it was actually a lot more. Afterwards, Johnny said it was a lot of fun and wondered how great it would be to see the two paired together in the booth. Of course, Johnny said it in a way that seemed to suggest that he was God’s gift to golf.

In a poll of PGA players, most said they preferred Faldo over Miller, no doubt because Miller has been pretty frank in his criticisms of certain players over the years.

So who really is the better announcer–Johnny or Faldo?


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