Adam Scott in Men’s Vogue this month

mulligan, 03 July 2007, Comments Off on Adam Scott in Men’s Vogue this month
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Here’s the article: link.

Here’s my favorite line: “And it’s not exactly uncommon for Scott to be approached by women with strange ideas. At the Booz Allen Classic a few years back, one woman handed him a note implying that he should feel welcome to, as he put it to me, “come by for a little night-putting.” Scott is now dating a Swede (yet another echo of Tiger), Marie Kojzar—a relationship that had ended a few years ago but is back on again—and he is using his spare time on airplanes between tournaments to learn Swedish.”

What do women seen in this guy? He seems pretty boring, but even Maria Sharapova wanted to play some “night” doubles matches with him.


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