Can Natalie Gulbis save the LPGA from irrelevance?

mulligan, 01 August 2007, Comments Off on Can Natalie Gulbis save the LPGA from irrelevance?
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So The Golf Channel asks today how important was Natalie Gulbis’s win last week, either for the LPGA or herself? Of course, what they mean is whether the LPGA’s cover girl can help draw interest for the league. The Golf Channel just couldn’t resist throwing in a provocative photo of Nat:

Well, listen, ladies and gents, the answer is NO. Natalie Gulbis won’t make the LPGA tour into the media darling, women’s tennis. Did you see how little coverage Gulbis’s victory received? The Golf Blog had more coverage than the mainstream outlets, for crying out loud. I wish it were not so, but the media today aren’t following anyone on the LPGA tour, except for Michelle Wie–and we know what happened to her.


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