Ernie Els thinks about what could’ve been

mulligan, 13 August 2007, Comments Off on Ernie Els thinks about what could’ve been
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I knew I’d have to play the round of my life on Sunday to stand a chance. We know what Tiger is like; he’s not going to reverse himself back towards the rest of the pack. We have to go chasing after him. Basically, you’ve got to be a positive. I knew that if I could just play like I had been playing in the first three rounds, but eliminate the mistakes, then I’d have a really good shot at winning this golf tournament.

And I got off to just the kind of start I needed, playing great for the first eight holes and getting to three-under par for my round. With Tiger not making much forward progress in the early stages of his round, I’d closed the gap to just a couple of shots. Then that birdie putt on nine…man, that was a big putt right there. If I could have made that and then holed the short birdie putt that I had on 11, it would have really made a difference.

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