Rory Sabbatini criticizes Tiger Woods

mulligan, 24 August 2007, Comments Off on Rory Sabbatini criticizes Tiger Woods
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Rory Sabbatini can’t help himself. He keeps on talking about Tiger. Here’s what Rory said now:

“It’s a disappointment because obviously the whole purpose of this new system was to try and create an atmosphere that would draw everybody to the final four events of the year. Obviously, it has kind of backfired by Tiger skipping the first event.

“Maybe change it so that you definitely have the incentive to play all four. Whether it be, you play three you only get 75 percent of the $10 million or you play two, you get 50 percent, make it something where, ‘You want the $10 million, you’ve got to play for it.’

“But you know, if you can beat Tiger in the process, it makes it sweeter.”

Asked about Tiger’s excuse for skipping this week, “Oh, I definitely think it’s something other than fatigue,” Rory said.


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