Rory Sabbatini is golf’s biggest cry baby

mulligan, 06 August 2007, Comments Off on Rory Sabbatini is golf’s biggest cry baby
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There’s a reason Rory Sabbatini is not very well liked among tour players. He complains a lot, lacks etiquette when he gets mad (which is often), and basically is not a nice playing partner.

Yesterday, Sabbatini was being so badly beaten by Tiger Woods (who Sabbatini earlier this year said “was more beatable than ever”), that Sabbatini took it out on a fan, retired firefighter Steve Banky. After the 9th hole (after Tiger just chipped in for a miraculous par, but Rory double bogeyed), Banky asked Sabbatini, `Hey, Rory. Still think Tiger’s beatable?”

Sabbatini was furious and ordered a police officer, “Take his **** out of here.” After his round, Sabbatini even implied the guy was drunk: “We’re out here to do our job – let us do our job. Have a little bit of decorum, a little bit of class out there. I guess a few too many beers were talking.”

Talk about lack of class, Rory. I’m so glad Tiger Woods showed everyone the big loser that you are. You can talk the talk, but …


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