Steve Banky explains what he said to Rory Sabbatini

mulligan, 06 August 2007, Comments Off on Steve Banky explains what he said to Rory Sabbatini
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One of our readers alerted us to this interview with Steve Banky in an Ohio paper about what he said to Rory Sabbatini on the 9th hole at Bridgestone.

Banky said, “It was the last time I was going to see him. I didn’t mean anything by it. I was hanging out there all day, waiting for him to come by. I was watching the leaderboard . . . I figured he was talking a better game than he was playing.” That’s when Banky asked Sabbatini whether he thought Tiger was still beatable.

“I think Rory stopped and pointed at me and asked me to get thrown out, and they obliged. I wasn’t trying to dog him. That press conference he did he said he thought Tiger was beatable, so I just called him on it.”


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