Tiger Woods pummels Rory Sabbatini again!

mulligan, 10 August 2007, Comments Off on Tiger Woods pummels Rory Sabbatini again!
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OK, so they weren’t playing together this week, but Tiger Woods continued his red hot play at the PGA, while Rory Sabbatini looks like he’s still reeling from his complete emasculation at the hands of Woods last week.

Tiger is threatening to shoot 62 today, which would be a major history record. Even if he doesn’t, he’s at -6 for the tourney, while Sabbatini is +10 and packing his bags. Who’s beatable now?

: You’ve gotta believe that most of the other PGA players must be really fed up with Rory Sabbatini for trying to slam Tiger Woods. Not because the players all like Tiger, but because Sabbatini’s comments have given Tiger that little extra incentive to dominate as he’s done before. No one on tour — except for Sabbatini — was stupid enough to try to incite Tiger by saying he’s “more beatable than ever.” Thanks to Rory, the PGA players may have no chance at the PGA and other upcoming majors.


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