Will Tim Finchem lose his job over botched FedEx Cup?

mulligan, 06 September 2007, Comments Off on Will Tim Finchem lose his job over botched FedEx Cup?
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The criticisms of Tim Finchem are mounting by the day, if not minute. As soon as Phil Mickelson took a thinly veiled swipe at Finchem on Monday for not listening to his requests (after which Phil decided to pull out of this week’s FedEx Cup), other marquee players have now joined in the intense criticism of PGA Commissioner Tim Finchem and his FedEx Cup.

Ernie Els (who, like Phil, also skipped 1 FedEx Cup event), complained, “They did not express anything to the players. They asked those questions, but they didn’t come out and say, ‘OK, look, this is what we’re going to do, what do you think?’ It wasn’t directly asked. And unfortunately, we are in this position now because they didn’t either listen or they just went on with the decision. And this is where we are.”

Tiger Woods doesn’t like the money. “I think that’s one of the major issues for all of us, that it’s not a true payout. How great would it be like in the World Series of Poker, at the first tee starting the TOUR Championship, that’s all you see is it ($10 million) stacked up there and that’s what you’re playing for? That would create a lot of buzz.” [The payout under the current system will be held in escrow.]

Ernie agreed with Tiger, “We’ve grown apart from each other because of these big decisions that were made without the real knowledge of the players.”

Steve Stricker said, “Personally, I don’t like it. It’s a lot of golf in a short amount of time. I do like the end of the season that it’s in the middle of September, where if you play well enough you don’t have to chase for your card.” (more)

Apparently, no one has anything good to say about the FedEx Cup or Tim Finchem, or it hasn’t been reported by the major media outlets. Meanwhile, Finchem tried to put his best face forward amidst all the criticism.


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