Helpful thoughts for ending the golf season?

mulligan, 18 October 2007, Comments Off on Helpful thoughts for ending the golf season?
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I never quite know how to wind up my golf season. Work, weather and other sports (baseball playoffs, football weekends) usually diminish greatly how much fall golf I play. Typically, I will play maybe two or three rounds in October and call it a season.

But we have had a beautiful fall in my town this year, and I have been putting really well as the season winds down. I am thus resisting any urge to take my clubs out of the trunk and put them in the basement anytime soon. Plus, I keep seeing ads for cheap golf at some of my favorite public courses. I am really tempted to put off work and family to try to keep playing once or twice a week this fall.

And yet, if I call it a season now, I’ll have a positive feel about my game going into next spring. If I try hard to keep playing into November, I risk some ugly cold weather rounds that make me less excited for next season. What to do….

I am wondering if readers have end-of-season rituals that help with this dilemma. Does anyone have a special date or course or foursome for their last round of the season? Is it worth making the effort to schedule regular golf trips through the winter so the season never really ends? Share your thoughts, dear readers.


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