Should Michelle Wie quit golf (for college life at Stanford)?

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Michelle Wie is back in action this week at the Samsung Championship. She loves Stanford and admits that she shouldn’t have played golf this year because of her injury. Here are some highlights of the Interview:

PAM WARNER: Since the last time we’ve talked you started school at Stanford, what has your experience been like so far at school?

MICHELLE WIE: I can’t explain enough of it. It’s been so crazy. I think crazy is the one word that explains college. It’s hard work, but it’s a lot of fun, too. I just love the people in my dorm, thankfully my roommate is pretty normal. I like her. We both said the same thing to each other, God, I’m so glad you’re not psycho or going to kill yourself this year. So it works out. I made a lot of great new friends. The professors are great. I’m really excited about the classes that I am taking this year.

Q. What are your classes?
MICHELLE WIE: Well, I’m taking introduction to humanities. It’s a required class. I’m taking a lot of general credit courses. This quarter I’m taking calculus and Japanese.

Q. When you went back, was it the injuries, is that what happened?
MICHELLE WIE: Yes. If I look back on this year, I don’t blame myself, my golf game, nothing changed this year. The only thing that I would do differently, I wouldn’t have played this year. It’s as simple as that.
The only thing that I did wrong this year is that I did not take my injuries as seriously as I should have. You know, it was my first injury that I had ever as a golfer. It’s been over a year since I’ve been healthy. And now that I feel like I’m healthy again I realize how I felt now and how I felt then. I should have just not have played. It was as simple as that. I’m not blaming myself for anything. If I had to do anything I just wouldn’t have played. I’m not thinking about it right now. I’m thinking about the future. As I said, I feel a lot healthier. I feel a lot better as a person. You know, I think that it will get better.

Q. Would you have changed anything? Would you have apologized to Annika for what happened at the Ginn Tribute?

MICHELLE WIE: Well, I mean I never really said that. I still don’t feel like I did something wrong but if I felt if Annika, or anyone felt like I disrespected them, or if I done anything wrong to them, you know, I do apologize for that. But I don’t really feel like I’ve done anything wrong as with myself. But like I said, the only thing I would have done differently, I wouldn’t have played this whole year.

Q. Talk about that a little bit. Obviously, people out here, you know, everyone out here there is a lot of Southern California fans, USC fans, what was your opinion of Stanford’s big victory over USC?

MICHELLE WIE: Do you really want to get me started on that? I was so happy that we won. No. 48, he lives in my dorm. I just feel like it was the best decision that I made to actually go into a dorm. It’s an all freshman dorm. Unfortunately, I live on the third floor. It’s a pain to walk every day. But, you know, it’s so much fun because being the only child in a house growing up, I never really had anyone to play with and now it’s like, on, I’m bored, entertain. You have 88 other people who are in the dorm. It’s just great because whenever you have a problem you don’t go back home, now you actually go back to your dorm, and you talk about it with your friends and. RA’s and everyone.

Everyone has been so supportive of me and everything. When Stanford beat USC I was jumping up and down. I was, unfortunately, by myself in my room, but I was calling everyone. It was pretty insane, I have to say. I’m pretty proud of Stanford.


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