Finishing the season at a golf cathedral

mulligan, 04 November 2007, Comments Off on Finishing the season at a golf cathedral
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In this recent post, I pondered how to bring the golf season to a fitting close. Fortunately, thanks to a kind new friend, I found a perfect way: a religious golfing experience by playing on a perfect fall day at a golf cathedral that goes by the name of Oakmont.

Oakmont Country Club is justiably famous for lots of reasons (as this Wikipedia entry highlights), and my first experience with the course did not disappoint. To call my experience religious is not only meant as an homage to the famed church pew bunkers, but also a reflection of the fact that, as I approached each green, I had to say a little prayer seeking divine help to avoid three putting Oakmont’s amazing greens. (My prayer was answered on the first hole, where I knocked in a 20-footer. But then I had a four-putt on the second hole after hitting a pretty good first putt that never stopped.)

I could probably write a whole book about the joys of Oakmont, but for now let me just say a public thanks to my host and challenge readers to indicate whether any other course on the planet without a single water hazard is so hazardous.


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