Natalie Gulbis beats the men in skills challenge

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Natalie Gulbis teamed up with John Elway to win the ADT Skills Challenge, which featured the following teams:

Dan Marino and Bubba Watson
Jerry Rice and Peter Jacobsen
Roger Clemens and Greg Norman
John Elway and Natalie Gulbis

On her blog, Natalie reports:

“The first skill was long drive. From the same tees. I had no chance. In fact nobody did against long driver Bubba Watson. I think he flew the longest of the other teams and won with a drive of over 330 yards! Next was a 170 yard iron shot over water. Again to Bubba Watson followed by a third skill of bunker play. So after the first three skills challenges it was Dan Marino and Bubba Watson. 3-0.

“The event is tape delayed on NBC and will air on the last weekend of December. It is going to be a blast to watch. All the participants had microphones and there was a lot of needling going on.

“Next shot was my favorite shot…the 70 yard wedge. Roger Clemens started us off by tossing a baseball 70 yards over water to a tight pin placement to 5 feet! It was priceless! Too bad he had to hit his next shots golf style and hit his closest shot to about 20 feet from the cup. I stuck a good shot too, about three feet for a win! Phew. Elway and I were on the board.

“Since I was the only female in the group I was nervous and anxious to contribute. Elway and I both got our 120 yard shot inside the best of the other three teams to win our second skill and I chipped in on the short game so we were tied with Watson-Marino at three skills a piece. Greg Norman and Roger Clemens won the putting challenge and there was one skill left. This skill was worth 150,000 dollars so the winner of the final skill would win the event. Since we had won three events we earned three extra shots each to be closest to the hole from 120 yards to an island green. We also had the advantage of being the last team to hit so we knew what we had to do to win. By this time the teams are all very competitive and there is a lot of banter amongst athletes and players. Finally it was our turn and we had to hit it inside 15 feet. John Elway is not only a great quarterback but a very good golfer and he hit his third shot in tight for the win! Yeah! It was so exciting!”


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