Should Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson be friends?

mulligan, 10 December 2007, Comments Off on Should Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson be friends?
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Golf Digest has an interesting article analyzing the rivalry between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. To get a sense of their relationship, listen to this one-liner from Tiger discussed in the article:

“During one of Phil’s paternity breaks, someone out on the practice range mused aloud, ‘I wonder what Mickelson’s been doing all these months?’

‘Breast-feeding,’ Tiger said.”

And then there’s this slam on Ernie Els purportedly from Tiger:

“Tiger certainly doesn’t hate Ernie — other than some of his former agents, who could hate Ernie? — but, before heading out with Els to play the third round at Hoylake in 2006, Woods turned to somebody on the practice putting green and said coldly, ‘If I can break this big guy’s heart just one more time, maybe he’ll go away and stay away.'”


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