Would Tiger Woods have dominated with old equipment?

mulligan, 05 December 2007, Comments Off on Would Tiger Woods have dominated with old equipment?
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Tiger Woods discussed a bunch of equipment issues yesterday. Two quotes caught my eye:

1. “I bring (the old driver) out every now and then and I hit it probably only 10 or 15 yards behind my driver. But when I mishit it, it’s like hitting a 3-iron out there. It goes absolutely nowhere, and that’s the biggest difference.”

2. “I could never swing with Jack’s (Nicklaus) clubs and he couldn’t swing with mine. Everyone’s equipment’s going to be slightly different.”

If you go to the Jack Nicklaus museum, you’ll see many of Jack’s old clubs. Those clubs were archaic, and it’s amazing that the pros back then could even hit those small-headed woods and butter knife irons.

My guess is that, had he played professional golf during the 1970s, Tiger Woods would not have dominated the game as he does today. I don’t think those old clubs would have allowed Tiger to get as big distance advantage over others. What do you think?


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