This week: the return of Tiger Woods—and Kelly Tilghman

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It will be interesting this week to see Tiger Woods (and Phil Mickelson) back in action in 2008. Of course, Kelly Tilghman is expected to be back too, for the first time since her insensitive and incredibly stupid remarks about “lynch[ing]” Tiger “in a back alley.” Since her remark, Tilghman has been suspended, but Golfweek editor David Seanor was punished even worse for sticking a noose on the cover of its magazine to report the incident.

The “lynch” and “noose” controversies hopefully will be over soon, so we can get on with golf. But before we do, it’s worth reading this editorial by Sports Illustrated writer Farrell Evans, who is a respected African American golf writer. Farrell writes about why we shouldn’t just forget the “lynch” remark as if nothing ever happened:

“That’s why the implication of Tilghman’s words, like that of Zoeller’s before them, may be more alarming to Woods than her poor judgment.

“In the end Tilghman was brought down by her failure to grasp or respect the undercurrent of meaning attached to the L word. But isn’t Woods guilty of the same thing? By so blithely dismissing the incident, isn’t he contributing to the offense?

“Woods doesn’t have to become a civil-rights spokesman, but he could have at least acknowledged that he understands the meaning of the word, and how powerful and hurtful it remains.

“In other words, wouldn’t it be nice if for once Woods saw himself as the heir not only to Jack Nicklaus but also to Jackie Robinson?”

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