How did Phil Mickelson hit an 11 on 1 hole?

mulligan, 12 February 2008, Comments Off on How did Phil Mickelson hit an 11 on 1 hole?
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Last week, at Pebble Beach, Phil Mickelson hit a mind-boggling sextuple bogey 11 on the par-5 14th hole. An 11 is kind of like John Daly territory. How did Lefty pull off the sextuple bogey?

From the LA Times
: “Here is Mickelson’s gruesome sequence at the 573-yard hole: driver in the fairway, second shot out of bounds, third shot penalty, fourth shot out of bounds, fifth shot penalty, sixth shot short of the green, seventh shot missed the green in the mud, eighth shot fat and missed the green, ninth shot on the green, two putts for an 11.”

I wish someone had video.


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