Will (and should) Tiger Woods endorse a candidate in 2008?

mulligan, 02 February 2008, Comments Off on Will (and should) Tiger Woods endorse a candidate in 2008?
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As everyone is talking about a Grand Slam and Tiger Woods’ certain success in 2008, I cannot help but wonder if any of the presidential candidates have started reaching out to Team Tiger to seek his endorsement. Obviously, 2008 is an important and potentially historic year for lots of reasons other than Tiger’s pursuit of all the majors.

I can imagine lots of reasons why all the leading candidates would want Tiger’s support, and I can imagine lots of reasons why Tiger might want to avoid endorsing any candidate at any point in the 2008 election season. Nevertheless, golf and politics (not to mention golf and racial/gender issues) have a long and significant history in this country. Tiger surely knows this history and cares about lots of issues that transcend the game of golf.
Further, the 2008 Ryder Cup just happens to be in the US during the back nine of the 2008 election season. Were I working for a candidate, I would already be trying to figure how to get the most positive media exposure during this uniquely nationalistic event with perhaps the world’s most famous athlete.


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