Andres Romero, the next big thing?

mulligan, 11 April 2008, Comments Off on Andres Romero, the next big thing?
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Andres Romero is extremely long (despite his small stature) and he can putt. He almost won the British last year until his club selection got the better of him. In watching him play yesterday at the Masters and then seeing cut away shots to Sergio Garcia struggling to make putts, I was left with two very different feelings. Even though the two are only a year apart in age, I get the feeling that Andres Romero will win a major very soon, but that Sergio Garcia may never. Don’t get me wrong, Sergio’s a great talent, but to watch him putt these days is unbearable. It’s now a mental thing, and, if it becomes too mental, then the Ian Baker-Finch syndrome might eventually creep in.


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