The Golf Blog interview – Olympic gold medalist Jeremy Wariner, part 2

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(all photos NBC Olympics/USOC)

The Golf Blog: What one indulgence (that you have given up during training) do you look forward to enjoying after the Olympics are over?

Jeremy Wariner: To be honest I haven’t given up anything. The only thing I guess I’m looking forward to enjoying this off time and not having to train.

The Golf Blog: If you weren’t a professional track star, what job do you think you would like to do the most?

Jeremy Wariner: If I didn’t run track I would want to play in the NFL. I grew up playing football and decided not to keep playing when I got to college.

The Golf Blog: Maybe a Renaldo Nehemiah?…Maybe there’s still time? By the way, are you as fast on the golf course as you are on the track?

Jeremy Wariner: On the course I like to try and take my time because when I try and rush I never hit the ball straight it always hooks on me.

The Golf Blog: Yes, that happens to the best of us. So what is your golf handicap? What would you say are the best and worst parts of your game?

Jeremy Wariner: I usually play at the TPC at Craig Ranch. I don’t know my handicap, I usually just play for fun and to relax if that is possible. The best part of my game would have to be how far I can hit the ball, my drives are my best part. As for my worst part it has to be my putting. I can get onto the green easily but getting the ball in the cup that where I have the most trouble.

The Golf Blog: How often do you get to play golf while you’re in training for the Olympics?

Jeremy Wariner: When I’m in training for the Olympics it’s hard for me to get to the course and play, but once my season is over I’ll try to play at least 3 times a month.

The Golf Blog: Who is your favorite PGA golfer and favorite LPGA player?

Jeremy Wariner
: My favorite golfer would have to be Tiger Woods
because I like his focus on the course. He reminds me of myself on the track — he always plays to win and he works hard to stay on top. As for my favorite LPGA golfer I would say Annika Sorenstam because she always wants to play against the best golfers even against the men. That shows me her confidence in her game.

The Golf Blog: Well, thanks again for chatting with us, Jeremy. All of our readers will be rooting for you in Beijing!

“This is my story” video with Jeremy


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