LPGA recaps on YouTube Lorena Ochoa’s victory last week

mulligan, 03 April 2008, Comments Off on LPGA recaps on YouTube Lorena Ochoa’s victory last week
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This is a great concept for the LPGA — use YouTube to generate more interest in the women’s game. So I give it kudos for that. I hate to be too critical of a great idea, but the execution with this video is pretty pathetic. All photos, no live footage of the women on the course, what’s up with that? Using the Ken Burns moving effect over and over again won’t fool viewers into believing that they are watching video footage. And that announcer sounds like he’s a game-show host waiting to sell you the next prize.

Dear LPGA: you can do better than that. Frankly, I can put together a better highlight video at home if you let me cut and past the footage together, even though I’m just an amateur. Or you can hire one of the amateurs on YouTube who already string together highlight golf videos mostly of the PGA tour. If the LPGA hired one of those guys, the LPGA would be getting more than the 58 views total for this video.


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