Problems dealing with a notable manufacturer

mulligan, 30 April 2008, Comments Off on Problems dealing with a notable manufacturer
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My dad sent me this interesting personal story via an e-mail titled “No wonder nobody buys Wilson clubs anymore.” I am wondering if other readers have had similar customer service problems with Wilson or other major manufacturers:

A couple of days ago I bought a new set of Wilson Staff CI7 irons. They had received a great review in a golf magazine and after hitting them and a little research I took the plunge.

I am a 6 handicap and my warm up or practice iron is a 7 iron. Perhaps this is why the steel shaft on my 7 iron of my previous set, Callaway X-14’s, had on two separate occasions broken during normal swings. I then discovered it was not possible to get exact replacement shafts since they were no longer made. Because of this I thought I would be smart to get replacement shafts now, so if I were to break a shaft on my new Wilson clubs I would have a replacement.

First I checked the usual sources, Golfsmith, Golf Works, the internet and discovered no one had the shaft on my clubs. So I called Wilson who told me the shaft was proprietary and only they had it. O.K. I said, I would like to buy two of them. I was told I could only return a club if it was broken.

When I explained I was a competitive golfer and could not afford to be without a club for a few weeks, I was told there was nothing I could do but send the club back to them. Further I was told they couldn’t guarantee that they would have the same shaft when if and when I sent the club back to them. I asked to speak to a supervisor who might be able to help me out, to no avail. This is ridiculous. What ever happened to customer service? Guess I won’t be buying or recommending Wilson clubs to anyone.


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