Caesar Featherie — a golf ball with no dimples

mulligan, 10 June 2008, Comments Off on Caesar Featherie — a golf ball with no dimples
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When I opened up the sleeve of Caesar Featherie golf balls, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The ball resembles a ping pong ball or a cue ball in pool. Its surface is completely smooth, almost glossy. Someone forgot the dimples, on purpose though!

Here’s what the manufacturer Caesar says about the ball:

This ball makes golf more enjoyable for the average player. It keeps the ball on the fairway, out of the rough, because it doesn’t hook or slice. It flies straight. Yes, you sacrifice a little distance, but you make more accurate shots.

Off the tee, the best results come with a higher lofting club. The ball will fly a little shorter but run well. It’s really great on the fairway within 100 yards of the pin because this ball goes where you want it to go. On the green, the Featherie putts better any ball on the market. For slow swingers, and on Par 3 and short executive courses, it makes golfing more fun.

The Caesar Featherie meets all requirements for a certified USGA ball – but it’s not likely to be used by the short handicap or tournament player. It’s designed for the average player, who just wants to go out and have more fun. A sleeve of three balls is $30 at

My own view: I only had a chance to hit this ball on two or three holes from the fairway. My sense of the ball is that it may help to keep the ball in play — because the ball doesn’t travel as far. But then you need to figure out how much distance you lose, something I didn’t have enough time to do. And you need to play this golf ball on short courses. Whether or not the ball reduces curvature of the shot, I could not tell because I was hitting shorter approach shots. On the putting green, I found the ball rolled fine. It did feel a little heavier off the blade than a regular ball. Anway, I found it fun to hit — and my playing partners were all amazed by the look of the ball, too!


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