Can Tony Romo (scratch), Justin Timberlake (3), or Matt Lauer (6) break 100 at Torrey Pines?

mulligan, 06 June 2008, Comments Off on Can Tony Romo (scratch), Justin Timberlake (3), or Matt Lauer (6) break 100 at Torrey Pines?
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Tiger Woods laid down the gauntlet, saying “If you’re a 10-handicapper, there is no way you’re breaking 100 out there. If you played all out on every shot, there is no way.
You just have to be so patient and on top of that you’ve got to be strong coming out of the rough and you’ve got to have unbelievable touch on the greens. Most 10-handicappers I know don’t have that.”

Well, Tony Romo (scratch), Justin Timberlake (3), and Matt Lauer (6) will get their chance (along with a 10 handicapper)at Torrey Pines, with the U.S. Open setup. (More)

Torrey Pines is par 71, 7,643 yards, making it the longest ever in major championship history.

OK, I think it will depend a little on the playing conditions. Let’s say that there’s no wind at all and it’s just a beautiful day. Maybe one of the guys gets lucky? Also, I think it depends on how true the handicaps are. If Romo is really a scratch and Timberlake really a 3, then you would think they both have decent shots at breaking 100, even as tricked up for the U.S. Open. Shooting 100 is 29 strokes over par!

UPDATE: We just found some footage of Timberlake taking practice swings. Decent in the backswing, but the move through the ball and follow through do not look promising in this video.

Matt Lauer has a shot because he actually could sit through this interview with Tom Cruise. Shows that Lauer has patience!


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