Does Tiger Woods care about the Ryder Cup?

mulligan, 30 June 2008, Comments Off on Does Tiger Woods care about the Ryder Cup?
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Apparently, not. Here’s what he said today:

Question: If Zinger asked you to come in and just be around the team that week, and even perhaps as an assistant captain, would you consider it?

Tiger Woods: Well, I’m not part of the team unfortunately. I didn’t because of my procedure, I’m not on the team. It’s about those 12 guys, it’s not about me. I’m not part of that crew.

My question
: Say what?? I thought the Ryder Cup was about the United States (versus Europe), not just about 12 guys. Isn’t the whole point to get a team event in an individual sport, where representing one’s country transcends every single individual involved? If Azinger called you and asked you for help, would you really tell him “I’m not part of that crew”?

Of course, in the past, Tiger has already scoffed at his mediocre record in the Ryder Cup: “As I’ve said, I’ve played well and lost and what can you do? It’s one of the funny things I was talking about this the other day, I’m sure all of you guys probably know what Jack’s record is in the Ryder Cup; right? Anybody? No? How many majors did he win? Oh, really? (Laughter.) Okay.”

By contrast, top All-Star game getter David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox announced he will attend, but not play in, the All Star game due to injury. “I’m going to go to the All-Star Game. Show respect for the fans.”


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