How much of a chance does Rocco Mediate have on Monday?

mulligan, 15 June 2008, Comments Off on How much of a chance does Rocco Mediate have on Monday?
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Rocco Mediate played like a winner on Sunday, with passion, humor, and good charm. He’s a very likable guy, and, secretly, I kind of wished that the golfing gods would have let him win this one major in his career. Tiger’s got 13 already and will likely win at least 10 more. So why not let Rocco have just one? That one major will cap off Rocco’s otherwise middling career.

But, unfortunately, we will have to wait until Monday to see the end of this story. Some guy named Tiger Woods decided to crash the party for Rocco. Rocco played well all week, but he didn’t have to play next to Tiger Woods. History has proven that few play well in the same group with Tiger when paired on the last day at a major (although Lee Westwood tied Woods today). Rocco’s got the kind of personality, though, that can defuse some of the Tiger intimidation factor. But can Rocco last another 18 against Tiger, going head to head?


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