NYT Magazine, "It’s Good to Be Immortal" article on Tiger Woods

mulligan, 01 June 2008, Comments Off on NYT Magazine, "It’s Good to Be Immortal" article on Tiger Woods
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NYT Magazine has a long — really long — article on Tiger Woods today called “It’s Good to Be Immortal.”

I found it to be filled with a lot of fluff, but here’s one paragraph that caught my eye:

“Americans are nothing if not ambivalent about celebrities who think their achievements in one field entitle them to be heard in another. Should Woods be expected to say anything at all on social and political issues? Would listening to him campaign for a political cause be like watching Jesse Jackson play golf? No one hectors Phil Mickelson or the tennis star Roger Federer about causes they ought to back, but Woods is chided if he doesn’t take a stand on the admission of women at Augusta or the raising of the Confederate flag over the South Carolina state capital building, or on the use of the word “lynch” by a Golf Channel broadcaster. Then again, maybe the expectations come with the territory he has conquered.”

I wonder what Tiger Woods will do when he retires from the PGA. Frankly, I think there’s no chance Tiger Woods will ever play the Champions Tour. So what next for Tiger?


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