The Tiger Woods Magic Show at the U.S. Open

mulligan, 15 June 2008, Comments Off on The Tiger Woods Magic Show at the U.S. Open
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The morning after, I am still marveling at the performance Tiger Woods put on yesterday. The best description I have is that it was sort of like magic.

Who can believe that, within 1 hour, the same golfer (who was hobbling up the fairway with his driver as a cane) would proceed to eagle 2 holes — with miraculous bombs of 65 + 35 plus feet, with side winding, downhill breaks of some 10 and 5 feet!! Houdini.

The first eagle came on the same hole that Phil Mickelson took a quadruple bogey and Ernie Els took a bogey.

And then, to top it all off, Tiger throws in a birdie chip in from the rough on 17, which even he admitted he hit too hard and was just lucky to go in on the bounce!

Had Tiger made just 1 of those shots or putts yesterday, it would have been spectacular. The fact that he made all 3 of those incredible shots within the span of about 1 hour is testament to how amazing the guy is. He never ceases to amaze.


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