Will Tiger Woods’s ACL and knee surgeries affect his run for 18 or 19 majors?

mulligan, 19 June 2008, Comments Off on Will Tiger Woods’s ACL and knee surgeries affect his run for 18 or 19 majors?
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Tiger Woods got his 14th major this year, well ahead of the pace that Jack Nicklaus had in reaching 18 majors. But time will only tell whether Tiger Woods’s gamble will slow down, if not jeopardize, Tiger’s quest for setting the record for the most majors.

For this year, it guarantees that Tiger will miss 2 majors, for the first time in his career. However, what’s even more scary is the fact that Tiger will have major reconstructive surgery on his torn ACL. A friend I know (who is quite athletic and durable himself) just had one and is experiencing all sorts of complications. Tiger’s already had three surgeries on his knee, so, even though they were arthroscopic, they show a chronic problem in Tiger’s left knee.

In all the press accounts, the doctors’ prognosis for Tiger Woods is guarded — they say his chances of recovery after major reconstruction on his knee are “very good” after surgery, whatever that means. Notice no one says that he will be back to full strength or better than he was normally. No one says that he should be able to resume the same powerful swing motion as he’s been hitting all of his life.

And I haven’t even mentioned the 2 stress fractures in Tiger’s left tibula, which likely slow down Tiger’s rehab after surgery even more.


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