Tiger Woods explains not wanting to go to Ryder Cup

mulligan, 08 July 2008, Comments Off on Tiger Woods explains not wanting to go to Ryder Cup
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Tiger: I have been asked if I would consider being an assistant coach for the U.S. Ryder Cup Team in September. I wouldn’t do it for a couple reasons: 1) I’m not on the team. 2) The event should be about the competitors and the competition. The guys will have plenty on their minds and I wish them the best. I’ll be cheering loudly.

Analysis: Reason 1 is totally bogus. The assistant captains are usually not playing members of the team. In fact, this year, rumor is that Michael Jordan and Robin Williams may be chosen as assistant captains for the President’s Cup. Reason 2 is also bogus. The event is supposed to be about the TEAM and representing one’s COUNTRY. It’s not about individual competitors. How important does Tiger Woods think he is that his mere presence would detract from the attention to the U.S. team. Michael Jordan has been to every Ryder Cup and every President’s Cup recently without detracting from the attention given to the players.


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