The Golf Blog interview with 2 time gold medalist Misty May Treanor, Part 1

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President Bush gets a good look at Misty May Treanor’s tush

We had a chance to interview beach volleyball champ Misty May Treanor before the Olympics. She and partner Kerri Walsh just won gold again yesterday. Here’s part 1 of the interview.

The Golf Blog
: You are the No.1 ranked women’s volleyball player and on the No.1 team with Kerri Walsh, already with 1 gold medal under your belt. Why do you think that you’ve been able to dominate the sport for so long? Are you the Tiger Woods of volleyball?

Misty: I don’t consider myself the Tiger Woods of volleyball. Kerri and I work hard and stay focused on our goals. I like to say we balance each other out. Tiger is a great competitor and I can relate to him in many ways, but I think our sport has a greater emphasis on team. He has the attitude and mental focus that it takes to stay on top in his sport and he’s also been a positive role model to kids throughout his career; these are two things I strive for in my career.

The Golf Blog
: When did you realize you had a gift for volleyball? How old were you? Did someone in your family get you started?

Misty: I grew up playing and watching at the Santa Monica Pier where I grew up. Both my parents played volleyball and it was an easier sport for me to pick up.

The Golf Blog
: What is your typical day like when you are in training? Hours on the beach?

Misty: Kerri and I practice on the beach for a couple of hours in the morning and then do a training session in the gym. I also like to do Pilates and play golf to balance out the beach training.

The Golf Blog
: I read somewhere you are 5 foot 10 inches. Would you consider that average or better for the women’s game? I take it you must have exceptional vertical leap?

: Actually, I’m 5’9 and for our team I’m short because Kerri is 6’3. For indoor volleyball I’d be short but for beach I’m average, people say I play tall.

The Golf Blog
: My readers would criticize me if I didn’t ask this question. Anyone who’s watched you on the pro circuit knows that the women in your league wear these really skimpy swimsuits or outfits. Are those outfits really comfortable for volleyball, and how do you avoid the dreaded wedgies?

Misty: They’re functional for our sport because we dive around in the sand in the heat and I get my suits made by my sponsor Nautica which helps… so far no malfunctions.


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