Wall St. Journal blasts LPGA for "English literacy" requirement

mulligan, 17 September 2008, Comments Off on Wall St. Journal blasts LPGA for "English literacy" requirement
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The Golf Blog has extensively covered the insanely stupid, if not discriminatory, “English literacy” rule of the LPGA — now rescinded because of intense criticism from sponsors like State Farm.

Well, here’s more proof of how stupid the rule was. The Wall Street Journal reports: “The LPGA’s single biggest source of income these days is not U.S. television, but Korean television.” And there are 45 LPGA golfers from Korea. (More)

The Golf Blog has always been the LPGA’s biggest supporter, so we are incredibly dismayed by the lack of leadership displayed by LPGA Commissioner Carolyn Bivens or whoever else was responsible for this poorly thought out rule — which has become a complete public relations disaster for the LPGA.


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