Other media notice Tiger Woods’ silence on Barack Obama in Nov.5 newsletter

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News: The Golf Blog may have been the first to report the noticeable omission in Tiger Woods’s newsletter the day after the Election. Now, the Chicago Sun Times is covering it, too.

OK, it is possible that the Nov.5 newsletter from Tiger Woods was prepared before the Election. But it is very surprising that Tiger Woods still hasn’t issued an official statement yet, even after so many of the most important athletes have. Tiger Woods is the most important, more recognizable athlete of this generation in the entire world. Forbes magazine says Tiger will be the first athlete to reach the $1 billion mark. Tiger has broken down barriers for so many young golfers. It is just surprising that not even a press release was sent out by Tiger Woods’s PR people.

Here are prominent athletes and sports figures who have commented about Obama’s victory:

1. Serena Williams
2. Venus Williams
3. LeBron James
4. NBA commissioner David Stern
5. Donovan McNabb
6. Grant Hill
7. Doc Rivers
8. Herm Edwards
9. Lovie Smith
10. Tony Dungy
11. Ty Willingham
12. Roy Jones, Jr
13. Omar Minaya
14. Doug Williams
15. Terrell Owens
16. Hines Ward
17. Dan Rooney

18. PGA golfer Boo Weekley
19. Curt Schilling

Even Curt Schilling, a Republic and McCain supporter, congratulated Barack Obama on his victory.


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