Will Tiger Woods play Torrey Pines/Buick Invitational?

mulligan, 14 January 2009, Comments Off on Will Tiger Woods play Torrey Pines/Buick Invitational?
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Golf.com has a revealing look at the Buick Invitational’s herculean efforts to get Tiger Woods to play this year (tournament starts Feb. 8).

We all know that Tiger loves Torrey Pines, having won there numerous times — the last time was the last time Tiger played competitively, at last year’s epic U.S. Open.

This is just further evidence of how crucial Tiger Woods is to the PGA Tour, and to their corporate sponsors. Commissioner Tim Finchem needs to realize this because he just doesn’t seem to get it. As The Golf Blog has stated before, the entire PGA schedule should be revamped to maximize Tiger Woods’s presence at a high majority of the tournaments. If that means some of the lower ranked players have to be shipped out to the Nationwide Tour, then so be it.

Oh, and one more thing. I don’t think Tiger Woods will be playing this year at the Buick. Still too early from rehab. That’s my guess.


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