Did losing weight (and man boobs) screw up Phil Mickelson’s golf game?

mulligan, 17 February 2009, Comments Off on Did losing weight (and man boobs) screw up Phil Mickelson’s golf game?
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The golf media are buzzing with articles questioning whether Phil Mickelson is in a slump, after his lackluster play at the FBR, Buick, and AT&T–3 tournaments where Phil has usually played well. Mickelson is No. 182 in driving accuracy, 145 in greens hit, and 126 in putting. For some of the critical articles, see here, here, here, and here.

After a promising start with coach Butch Harmon in 2007, it now looks like Phil has taken one step forward, and two back. So what is the reason for Phil’s ills? Age? Lack of practice? Mental?

Let me suggest another possibility: his weight loss. Phil looks a lot fitter and trimmer than 2007, but his weight loss may take some getting used to. We’ve seen this before with David Duval (who became a fitness fanatic and then was never the same), and Darren Clarke (who slimmed down for a short time without results). When you played with one body shape for years, the muscle memory will probably be thrown off with a new body shape. Don’t get me wrong, Phil Mickelson looks a lot better without man-boobs, but maybe their loss is now affecting his swing.

So what say you, dear Readers, should Phil bring back the man boobs to help his game?


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