Why doesn’t Tiger Woods have a real rival?

mulligan, 03 February 2009, Comments Off on Why doesn’t Tiger Woods have a real rival?
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OK, you are probably sick of hearing about the amazing rivalry between Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer in tennis–although Rafa now owns Federer, it wasn’t always that away. Their rivalry has provided some of the most amazing tennis matches–the epic final at Wimbledon might be the best ever.

So their rivalry got me wondering: why it is that Tiger Woods has had no serious or consistent rival for more than a decade on tour? Jack Nicklaus had Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Lee Trevino, and Tom Watson (for a year, Johnny Miller). But Tiger has no one. Zip. Zilch. Sure, people like Hal Sutton, Rich Beem, and maybe one or two others beat Tiger in a big tournament going down the stretch. But these are all isolated incidents, not a rivalry.

So, dear readers, what’s the answer?

A. Tiger Woods is so much better than the competition (or the competition is just not that good)

B. Luck

C. Fluke

D. Fixed

E. Other reason


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