Is Sergio Garcia the new World No. 1 in golf?

mulligan, 02 March 2009, Comments Off on Is Sergio Garcia the new World No. 1 in golf?
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Apparently, World No. 2 Sergio Garcia is within striking distance of overtaking Tiger Woods for the No. 1 spot. A victory next week for Garcia, plus a second or third the week after, and a poor showing by Woods, would catapult Garcia close to the No. 1 spot. More.

Figuring out the World Rankings in golf is like figuring out how the TARP money will be spent on failing banks. That Tiger Woods could have been gone from golf for 8 months and still retain his No. 1 status does raise some questions about the meaning of the rankings. Could Tiger be the No. 1 player in the world, for example, if he took an entire year off? I am in favor of making the rankings reflect more the current standings.

That Sergio Garcia is No. 2, when Paddy Harrington had a better year than he did in 2008, also raises questions about the rankings. Something seems not right here.


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