Lee Trevino favors rule requiring Tiger Woods to play every tournament once every 3 years

mulligan, 04 March 2009, 1 comment
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Lee Trevino supports a rule change that would require every player — read Tiger Woods — to play every PGA event at least once every 3 years. Or else go to the European Tour. (More) There’s been much talk about this kind of requirement for a while. In this depressed economy, where sponsors for tourneys may be falling by the wayside, I think we’ll see a renewed push for this requirement.

The problem with this proposal, though, is that it doesn’t make sense under the current PGA season, which stretches from January to October, if not November. No professional athlete should be required to play a season that long, playing nearly all events, and risking long term injury. Tiger Woods is the most marketable asset of the PGA. He should not be required to risk greater wear and tear on the knee by playing more events than he wants to. However, I might be in favor of such a requirement of mandating every player to play every tournament (every 3 years) IF the PGA shortens the season to March to end of August.

What say you, dear readers: should the PGA require Tiger Woods to play every tournament, once every 3 years, even if the season stretches from January to October?


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