A bit too much Tiger and Phil?

mulligan, 13 April 2009, Comments Off on A bit too much Tiger and Phil?
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I was lucky enough to get to watch all 5+ hours of the CBS Masters coverage on Sunday, and I enjoyed nearly all aspects of the experience. But during the whole afternoon and now the next day, I continue to feel that there was just a bit too much focus on Tiger and Phil given that neither of them ever really got that close to winning.

Of course, when Phil managed to post a 30 on the front 9, I started to think he could give the leaders a real scare. But after returning to the Phil we all know so well — getting wet on 12 and missing the eagle put on 15 — it became clear that he was not going to post a number low enough to really worry the leaders (who had both easy par fives still to play). The same went for Tiger, and sensed that Tiger sensed throughout the final round that he was not going to be able to get low enough to do anything special.

I suppose if Tiger or Phil had found a way to finish at -11, all the attention would have been justified because then all the leaders might have followed the Kenny Perry back-up plan on the last few holes. But, especially given that 13 and 15 were playing like par fours, the CBS announcers should have been saying that Tiger and Phil had to post -11 or better to have a chance to go home with another green jacket. But that kind of talk (not to mention coverage of other players) was hard to find while Tiger and Phil were still on the course.


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