No 18 majors or Grand Slam for Tiger Woods in 2009

mulligan, 19 April 2009, Comments Off on No 18 majors or Grand Slam for Tiger Woods in 2009
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One final post about the 2009 Masters. It ended Tiger Woods’s chances of tying Jack Nicklaus’s record 18 majors this year. Tiger has 14 majors. Had he won the Grand Slam this year (and the tournament schedule suits Tiger’s game), Tiger would have tied that record this year. But the Masters ended that hope. So we all will have to wait at least another year.

Of course, it’s not that realistic to expect a Grand Slam. But Tiger Woods has accomplished the “Tiger slam,” and you know he focuses all of his golf energies on winning the majors. It would have been quite a feat for Tiger to return from knee surgery to win the Grand Slam and tie Jack’s record. Tiger’s win at Bay Hill made it seem like that was a possibility.

Although Tiger’s swing is much more balanced on his left leg (no longer gets airborne), did anyone else notice that Phi Mickelson was consistently outdriving Tiger by 15 plus yards on Sunday at the Masters? The U.S. Open is at the long Bethpage Black, where Tiger won. Wonder if Tiger’s more balanced swing has come at the price of distance.


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