Did Kenny Perry cheat @ FBR by improving his lie?

mulligan, 18 May 2009, Comments Off on Did Kenny Perry cheat @ FBR by improving his lie?
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Both Golf.com and The Observer continue to debate whether Kenny Perry committed a rules infraction by tapping down the grass on a chip at the FBR, which he went on to win.

13.2 in the Rules of Golf: “A player must not improve or allow to be improved the position or lie of his ball … by any of the following actions – pressing a club on the ground, moving, bending or breaking anything growing or fixed.”

Our take: Kenny Perry tapped down on spungy grass, most of the time 1 inch to the left of his ball. There was no improvement of the lie because the grass was so spungy it popped right back up.

UPDATE: Several commenters have convinced us to change our initial take. The video does clearly show that the ball becomes more visible (white showing) after Kenny Perry taps down on his club. The view is from the same camera angle. We can no longer defend our original position, or Kenny Perry.


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