Has Tiger Woods lost his edge?

mulligan, 06 May 2009, Comments Off on Has Tiger Woods lost his edge?
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Two tournaments in a row, Tiger Woods was only a few strokes from the lead on Sunday. But both times Tiger could not muster what we all thought he would do–a run. Instead, either the driver or the putting failed Tiger when he needed it most (the three putt after driving the green on 14 was emblematic). At the Masters, Tiger’s left quickly after finishing his round. At Quail Hollow, Tiger did not seem as bothered and joked around with David Feherty how he is a “loser.”

Sure, the Quail Hollow Championship doesn’t mean as much as the Masters. But it did seem surprising that Tiger seemed so nonchalant about losing. Maybe this is the new Tiger Woods, post-rehab, post-second child. We can’t expect Tiger to win every tournament. But does he not expect to, either?


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