Is Twitter a bad distraction for LPGA players?

mulligan, 21 May 2009, Comments Off on Is Twitter a bad distraction for LPGA players?
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Go down the list of LPGA players and two things you’ll find.

First, there are a growing number of LPGA players Tweeting. Even Annika Sorenstam’s tweeting (from retirement).

Second, none of the LPGA players Tweeting has won this year, although Suzann Petterson has placed second twice (although she may have joined Twitter after those tourneys). It is noteworthy that none of the top 10 men’s players (in terms of world rankings) is on Twitter–at least not yet.

So, dear Readers, do you think Tweeting is a bad distraction for players, especially if they are tweeting from the driving range? Or is tweeting a nice way to keep fans involved, without sacrificing focus?


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