Shocker: Tiger Woods admits he lost distance in all clubs after surgery

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After the Masters, The Golf Blog commented how strange it was to see Phil Mickelson outdriving Tiger with the driver by some 15 plus yards. Phil joked that he was tired waiting for Tiger to hit all day.

Well, it’s official now. Tiger has admitted that, after his surgery, he has lost distance not only on his driver, but also on his irons.

“It’s just I’ve been away from the game for a long time. I don’t hit the ball the same distance with my irons or my driver. But it’s coming. … When you’re away for that long, and I have a whole new leg, it’s going to take a little time.

“I just didn’t have the pop in my body, nor should I,” he said. “It takes time for anyone who has a reconstruction (of the ACL) to come back and get the speed back and the agility and all those different things. Most athletes take over a year to get back. With my sport, I’ve been able to get back sooner than that, just because of the nature of my sport.” “

Tiger tried to downplay the loss of distance by saying he felt some of the “pop” back in his ball striking last week. But Tiger admitted he didn’t know when he’d regain his distance, saying “Hopefully, soon.”

Wow. This is a huge deal. Or is it? Dear readers, should Tiger be worried?

UPDATE: It may depend on how many yards Tiger has lost and how many yards the new, up-and-coming golfers gain on Tiger. Tiger had so much distance before that, even if he lost a little distance, he could still overpower courses with his precision and short game. Whatever happens, the ACL injury appears to have slowed down somewhat Tiger’s quest for 18 majors and more. But Tiger is so good, this may be just a minor setback.


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