Have there ever been any truly great golf siblings?

mulligan, 05 July 2009, Comments Off on Have there ever been any truly great golf siblings?
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After watching the Williams sisters again tear through Wimbledon, where they were in the finals in singles and won the doubles draw, I got to thinking about the absence of any really memorable siblings in the history of golf.

I suppose one might contend that the trio of Kuehnes — brothers Trip and Hank, and sister Kelli — are a remarkable trio because each has won a USGA amateur title. But none has won a professional major. Of course, Annika Sorenstam won a lot of majors, and her little sister Charlotta did have a solid pro career, but few would consider them a potent pair.

The Williams sisters are probably the most remarkable siblings in the history of sport, so it is not reasonable to expect golf to have an equally impressive pair. Nevertheless, I do think it is somewhat notable and surprising that the history of golf lacks any truly famous siblings.

Or am I forgetting someone?


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