Dream match: Tiger-Mickelson v. Els-Yang

mulligan, 08 September 2009, Comments Off on Dream match: Tiger-Mickelson v. Els-Yang
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We are salivating over the prospect of this matchup, in any format, at the President’s Cup. Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson v. Ernie Els-Y.E. Yang.

Sure, we all know that Tiger and Phil blew up as a team at the 2004 Ryder Cup. But who cares? Even if they don’t like each other, or even hate each other’s guts, the TV ratings would soar with that repeat pairing with viewers tuning in to see whether Tiger and Phil suffer a similar meltdown.

And, then, when you add Ernie Els–whom Tiger Woods just slighted as “not a big worker physically” and could have “worked a little bit harder” in knee rehab–and Y.E. Yang, who is the only player to defeat Tiger Woods after he led 54 holes at a major, it would be a match made in heaven. Y.E. Yang could bench press his golf bag again over his head, right in front of Tiger, while Ernie could strike a yoga pose to show Tiger the flexibility in his knee.

What say you dear Readers? Is this the dream match at the President’s Cup we have all been waiting for?


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