An Open Letter to Fred Couples from The Golf Blog: pair Tiger + Phil together

mulligan, 29 September 2009, 4 comments
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Dear Captain Couples,

As you are thinking about what golfers on the US team to pair together, The Golf Blog would like you to consider putting Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson together in at least one foursome or four ball match. This week’s scintillating finish at the Tour Championship showed how much excitement the No. 1 and No. 1 players in the world generate. No other two golfers in the world can generate even half or a quarter as much fan interest than Tiger and Phil. It’s that simple. The TV ratings for the President’s Cup–which, after all, is really a made-for-TV event–would be ginormous. Indeed, Commish Tim Finchem could retire after those ratings.

Yes, of course, we know what happened at the Ryder Cup in 2004. Hal Sutton received a lot of criticism for putting Phil and Tiger together — supposedly they “don’t play well” together. The two did not have a good outing together.

Well, we believe that’s all the more reason that you should put the two together again. Both Tiger and Phil like challenges, and they like proving the naysayers wrong. What better way to put an exclamation on their storied careers than proving to everyone that they can play together–and demolish the competition. Just imagine if Tiger-Phil won 5 up or more and grabbed the 1st point for the US against Ernie Els and YE Yang!

Best of wishes in representing the U.S. in the upcoming competition.


The Golf Blog


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