The Golf Blog is restored on Google

mulligan, 16 October 2009, Comments Off on The Golf Blog is restored on Google
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Dear Readers,

Thank you for your patience in the past 24 hours. As mentioned previously, we’ve been in a heated dispute with Google for a suspected “malware” warning that it was placing whenever people tried to come to our site on Safari or Firefox. At no time did The Golf Blog ever intentionally allow any malware of any kind on this site. On Sept. 24, Google itself gave us a clean bill of health.

But in the past day, Google decided to put a “malware” warning on our site like some bully or Internet mafioso. Given our frustration with Google’s unilateral actions, which we believe were false and defamatory, we went outside of Google and took our appeal to Stop Badware, which just gave us this quick response : “We have processed your request for review of your website, At this time, none of our data partners are reporting badware activity related to the site. Any warnings displayed by our partners about your site have either already been removed or should be removed shortly. In addition, the report(s) about this site in StopBadware’s Clearinghouse have been moved from “active” to “archived.”

Long story short, The Golf Blog is back up and running. Google has backed down. Out of the abundance of caution, we will be keeping all comments off The Golf Blog for now. We greatly valued your comments; indeed, we learned a lot from them in many cases. We seriously hope that none of our Readers tried to give us malware through a comment, but we cannot at this time rule it out.

Thank you for your continued loyalty. As this incident demonstrates, The Golf Blog will act aggressively to maintain the trust of our Readers and to protect our reputation.

The Editors of The Golf Blog


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