Tiger Woods publicly apologized–now the public should move on with their own lives

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The side show’s over. Tiger Woods came out of hibernation–meaning sex addiction therapy–to publicly apologize for cheating on his wife in several now well publicized affairs.

Although Tiger didn’t get into specifics, the affairs allegedly involved at least 12 women, including Rachel Uchitel, former porn star Joslyn James, Jamie Grubbs (who had the infamous voice mail of Tiger Woods), Cori Rist, and, perhaps the most shocking of all, Perkins waitress Mindy Lawton. The pattern in each of these affairs was that Tiger pursued the women for long term relationships (not just bootie calls), each woman thinking that Tiger really cared for her and even possibly loved her–and in some cases, might leave his wife for her. In several of the affairs, the women said they ended the relationship, yet Tiger kept on calling them for months, if not years, trying to hook up again. For at least some of the women, Tiger left voice mails and text messages that were overtly sexual in nature. By several accounts, Tiger Woods had a huge, perhaps insatiable sex drive and liked engaging in threesomes and watching girl-on-girl action. There may even be sex tapes of Tiger Woods, as well as some guy-on-guy action in the threesomes, if some of the rumors are true.

So, after all these embarrassing and scandalous allegations, Tiger Woods finally surfaced yesterday after nearly 3 months. In 13 minutes, he apologized numerous times for his cheating and indefensible behavior, reading from a written statement that he wrote himself.

While some critics have attacked Tiger’s reading of the statement, calling it mechanical, scripted, and and even robotic (like a Terminator), these criticisms miss the point of Tiger’s apology. That Tiger read a statement he wrote does not diminish the fact that Tiger Woods has owned up to his huge transgressions against his wife and family–and, by all appearances, is now trying to save his marriage by, among other things, addressing his sexual infidelities and narcissistic behavior. Don’t know if he will succeed, but at least he’s trying. In the end, whether we, the public, believe Tiger Woods is a “changed man” matters far less than whether his wife Elin does. Everyone else should now move on with their own lives.

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