Did PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem give Tiger Woods preferential treatment?

mulligan, 28 April 2010, Comments Off on Did PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem give Tiger Woods preferential treatment?
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The Golf Blog says: The more we look into the matter, the more troubled we become about the credibility of Tim Finchem, the PGA Tour Commissioner.

In 2009, Finchem suspended John Daly for 6 months apparently for several alcohol related incidents. Of course, we all know Daly has battled alcohol abuse before. Daly thought the 6 month suspension was unfair, but acknowledged it probably was due to the “unwelcome publicity” he brought to the Tour.

Unwelcome publicity? Well, Tiger Woods has singlehandedly brought the most unwelcome publicity to the PGA Tour probably in its entire history. Think we’re exaggerating? You name one other golf related scandal that can compare to Tiger’s sexcapades: allegations of sexual liaisons with at least 12 women, including ex porn stars, VIP lounge Vegas cocktail waitresses, a Perkins waittress, and other women. The alleged affairs include sex in a public parking, a deal with the National Enquirer to kill photos of that incident that may have been facilitated by Tiger’s agent Mark Steinberg, and Tiger’s buddy Bryon Bell’s flying out women to meet Tiger at golf tournaments. Ex-porn star Joslyn James says that she met Tiger at the BMW Championship in 2009–which, incidentally, he won. The allegations include explicit (read “dirty talk”) texts and voicemails from Tiger Woods involving a very graphic nature. The allegations even include graphic descriptions of Tiger’s preference for girl-on-girl action, rough sex, threesomes, and “golden showers.”

So how, Commissioner Finchem, did none of these charges against Tiger Woods merit any discipline–or at least a PGA Tour investigation–at all for “unwelcome publicity” when John Daly got 6 months for drinking too much? It’s time for Finchem to answer these questions–or, else, to resign.


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